TechLaw Holdings

TechLaw Holdings, Inc., provides a wide range of public and private-sector environmental consulting and related services through its two subsidiaries, TechLaw, Inc., and TLI Solutions, Inc.

TechLaw Holdings is an employee-owned holding company that oversees the operations of two subsidiary companies:  TechLaw, Inc., based in Chantilly, Va., and TLI Solutions, based in Golden, Colo.  TechLaw Holdings was formed in 2004 as the company grew from its original founding as a litigation support provider to the federal government.  All accounting, IT, legal and human resource functions for the subsidiaries are managed at corporate headquarters in Chantilly.

TechLaw, Inc., the name of the founding company, began operations in 1983.  Since that time, TechLaw has grown into a trusted provider of environmental management consulting services with 14 offices nationwide, holding more than $117 million in prime contracts across multiple support programs for the US Environmental Protection Agency, along with several other federal, state and local agencies.

AlterEcho, a division of TechLaw, Inc., is a team of dedicated professionals showing companies of every size how to transform their environment, giving them the knowledge to plan, the inspiration to act and the vision to grow in an increasingly competitive and environmentally sensitive world.  AlterEcho helps our clients develop and manage the skills, systems and support needed to take the strategic steps that not only drive bottom-line growth, but also enhance our environment.

TLI Solutions, Inc. has more than 30 years of experience providing technical environmental support in the public and private sector, working primarily in the area of hazardous waste remediation and management related to munitions and ordnance disposal.  The company has contract experience working for several federal agencies, including the Army Corps of Engineers, the Department of Defense and the Department of energy.